T18 Sicilia


T18 Sicily is the fruit and vegetable line that finds the best conditions in this region to be grown.

Sicily, thanks to the particularly favorable climate, the quality of the land and the centuries-old expertise of farmers, is a region where agriculture boasts ancient history and quality production.

A very large fruit and vegetable variety, which makes this region one of the most important cultivation centers in Italy.

T18 Group relies on the best local partners and personally controls the entire production chain. Only in this way can a genuine and healthy product be guaranteed, for proper nutrition.

The goal is to promote the productions of small local producers, preferring only the seasonal fruit and vegetables that find their natural cultivation in these lands.

Eggplants, peppers, different varieties of tomato, Ispica potato, peaches, melons, watermelons, lemons, oranges, grapes, ginger: these are the products that T18 Sicilia brings to families’ tables.

Discover all the products of T18 Sicilia and start the journey in the taste of the Sicilian territory.

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