T18 Piemonte


T18 Piemonte is a line of products dedicated to fruit and vegetable excellences typical from “Piemonte”

Piemonte area is rich in types of fruit and vegetables cultivations according to traditional methods with full respect for the environment.

The T18 Group controls the entire production chain to guarantee the consumer a good product to taste and healthy for the body, in line with a correct and healthy lifestyle.

T18 Piemonte has the goal is to promote the productions of small local producers, preferring only the seasonal fruit and vegetables that find their natural cultivation in these lands.

Ramasin plums, madernassa pears, apricots, strawberries, grapes, Carmagnola and Cuneo peppers, borlotti beans, hunchback thistles, asparagus: these are just some of the products that T18 offers the consumer with a new label specifying the production area.

Discover all the products of T18 Piemonte and taste the genuine taste of the “Piemonte” area.

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