T18 Organic


T18 offers a large range of loose and packed certified Organic Fruit and Vegetable.
A direct control of production to guarantee a short supply chain. Organic supply chain, from seed to the product offered to our consumer, is certified by a officially recognized inspection body.
Choose ORGANIC freshness for the best selection of Fruit and Vegetable of the season.

T18 Il Gusto del Territorio


T18 promotes the biodiversity: this is why it engages in the production and distribution of fruit and vegetables grown according to the time of year in the region of Italy at that time most suitable.

The T18 Group, leader in the production and distribution of quality fruit and vegetables,, is always careful to follow the needs of the consumer, which is constantly evolving.

With the project “The taste of the territory” T18 offers fruit and vegetable production linked to the different agricultural traditions of our country.

A journey that leads the consumer to savor unique flavors and tastes, bringing Italian fruit and vegetable excellence to the table: T18 Piemonte, T18 Sicilia, T18 Lazio offer the best of Italian fruit and vegetable production thanks to a production chain guaranteed by careful controls of T18.


From the territory to the table



Discover the taste of seasonal fruit and vegetables from “Piemonte”.


Fill up on flavor with the unique taste of the fruit and vegetables of the Sicilian lands.


Bring the authenticity of typical Lazio fruit and vegetables to the table.


100% organic fruit and vegetables, certified and full of taste.


Enjoy the freshness of the fruit and vegetables of our Ligurian riviera.

Are you a seller or do you have a store?

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With T18 you save time and bring the best fruit and vegetables to your store every day.

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