About us


T18 Group is a leader in the production and distribution of fruit and vegetables.

Born in the late 1800s in Turin, the T18 Group represents one of the most modern and important realities in the Italian fruit and vegetable sector.

T18 Group’s distribution network operates 50% with the large-scale retail trade and the remaining 50% with normal trade, agri-food centers, street vendors and HoReCa, both Italian and export.

Fruit and vegetable producer and distributor group has production centers in the most suitable regions in the agricultural production of central, southern and northern Italy (Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Veneto, Piedmont). In addition to its own products, T18 gathers those of over 600 certified Italian fruit and vegetable producers.


Sustainable production process

T18 Group works with a sustainable and responsible production process to protect consumer health and respect the environment.


Spread culture of flavors

Among the objectives of T18 there is to contribute to the spread of the culture of traditional flavors, convinced that gastronomic traditions and typical food are values to be preserved. For this, T18 enhances the ancient processing methods by integrating them with innovative technologies that preserve the taste of the product.


Safeguard products

Precisely from these premises the research of those products has developed, particularly from Piedmont (Susina Ramassin, Pera Madernassa, Mela grigio di Torrina, Pesca Tabacchiera) and Southern Italy (Camone tomato), to be safeguarded by resuming production and offering them to consumers first. in the main chains of large-scale distribution in Piedmont and then in all the regions of Italy and abroad.


Rules and values

T18 fruit and vegetables are good and genuine and comply with all the strictest and most current health standards.

T18 pays particular attention to the selection of partners and producers who share the same ethical values as the company.

Our Family story


A tradition of taste and well-being

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